Roseline London TIG Founding Editor This Is Glamorous

Roséline London is an entrepreneur, and founder of the pioneering digital publication TIG (2007). She co-founded the independent cult accessories brand Belgrave Crescent (2014). As a Creative Director, multidisciplinary designer, photographer, and writer, Roséline brings a diverse skillset to every multifaceted project she undertakes. She is known for producing captivating imagery in the roles of art director and photographer, stylist and model. A collaborative creative force, Roséline brings a wide-ranging vision that enriches any endeavor. With expertise spanning branding, writing, design, and more, her passion and talent shape exciting ventures across industries, infusing each project with a unique creative energy. Roséline is regarded for her impeccable taste and discerning eye, artfully drawing inspiration from diverse sources to create her signature aesthetic. With TIG, she has attracted a devoted global readership of millions who rely on her unique perspective on design, interiors, fashion, travel, art, and beyond. With her deep insights into digital media and the forces that shape, it Roséline has become a highly sought-after consultant. Brands and influencers turn to her expertise to strategically navigate the ever-evolving social media landscape. After more than a decade at the forefront of the digital space, Roséline’s influential voice continues to inspire and inform style-conscious audiences globally.

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