Your Favourite Lip Balm & the Environment
After reading the article “Ask Ugly: I’m addicted to lip balm – but it doesn’t work. What’s a better alternative?” in The Guardian, I realised that I needed to reevaluate my approach not just to lip balm but to all my cosmetics.
IT’S TRUE: the world doesn’t need another celebrity skincare range. (Honestly had no idea there were so many.) But to be fair, this one doesn’t necessarily count, as it was started by an influencer, Marie von Behrens-Felipe, who you may know as @mvb. (First discussed here.) Of course, I never would have heard about it if it hadn’t been for a celebrity: Pamela Anderson.


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Photo Diary: Paris No.01 by Roseline London TIG
One of many, many trips to Paris, but this one was a favourite, as it was during this trip that I took P to meet my cousins on my father’s side of the family.
Discussions on Beauty & Ageing / No.003
This discussion began at the TIG Substack (read parts One & Two here), but continues here, as it seemed more appropriate than to inundate our subscribers with rather glum findings about the beauty industry and its implications on our mental (and sometimes physical) health.
I try to read as many books as possible when I’m not working (currently it’s David Hume’s A Treatise of Human Nature), but a lot of the time, all I have time for are work-related articles. Many are a little on the dry side, but every once in a while, come across new topics or ideas that are really interesting or even enlightening.
Josh Ostrovsky has officially declared that the age of the online influencer has finally run its course. In a recent interview with CNNMoney, the Instagram celebrity talked about social media burnout, a topic we’ve discussed here before and can definitely relate to.

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